Body Condition Score



Body Condition Score is a widely used system, designed by Vets, to define the correct condition for a dog. Scoring from 1-10, BCS looks at three areas, Hips, Tummy and Ribs, to ascertain if your dog needs to gain weight, is an ideal weight or needs to lose weight. In conjunction with the feeding calculator and the feeding guide on our recipe’s you can use this tool to help fine tune your dogs feeding requirements.



Score 1. Very skiny with prominent hips and ribs. Stomach very. tucked up


Score 2-3. Ribs and waist visible. Stomach very tucked up.Not ideal.


Score 4-5. The ideal condition. Ribs easy to feel but showing. Good fat coverage but not too much. Tummy slightly tucked up.


Score 6-7. Ribs hard to feel. No tuck in the tummy. Hard to see any waist.


Score 8-9. Very overweight, with visible rolls of fat. Tummy drops below chest height. No waist.

Skiny and Underweight

1. Ribs, lower spine and pelvis all obvious from distance, and bones visible and poking out wherever they lie close to the skin surface. 

2. Ribs, lower spine, and pelvis all easily visible. Unable to feel any fat. Clear waist when viewed from above, and abdomen tucks up behind the ribs when viewed from the side. 

3. Ribs easily felt and may be visible. No fat can be felt. The very top of the spine and pelvis are visible and there is an obvious waist and abdominal tuck.


Ideal Weight

4. Ribs are easily felt and have only a little fat covering. Waist and tummy tuck are easily seen. 

5. The ribs can be felt, and there is no excessive fat. Waist can be seen behind the ribs from above and the tummy tuck can be seen from the side. 



6. Overweight. The ribs can be felt but there is a notable fat layer. Waist just visible from above and tummy still rises in a tuck behind the ribs. 

7. Overweight. Difficult to feel the ribs due to large amounts of fat cover. Fat noticeable over the base of the tail and lower spine. No visible or barely visible waist. 

8. Obese. Unable to feel the ribs due to heavy fat cover. Lots of fat around the spine and the base of the tail. No waist of tummy tuck. Belly may appear rounded. 

9. Obese. Huge amounts of fat around the chest, spine and the base of the tail and fat also deposited on the neck and legs. Abdomen large and noticeably round.


See Your Vet…..

Obviously, any issues with feeding requirments, see your vet!